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Beauty trends keep on changing every year. They can be a big hit or some can be fail.Where beauty lovers follow new trends they also never hesitate to play with them in their own talented style.Because we all know that makeup is an art and makeup artists no matter professional or self taught MUA’s they recreate the art.We can see them on You tube and Instagram creating and recreating the amazing and mesmerizing looks with their artistic abilities. Some take makeup routine too far in non practical way and some literally give us major and sometime envy able makeup goals.

I don’t really know from where these makeup trends come, but in my childlike imagination i imagine  all celebrity makeup artists gathering on secrete  a place every year creating and discussing new makeup trends for the whole beauty world. So was in 2016.

In 2016 so many new beauty and makeup trends were introduced. Some of them are so awesome that we can not hold ourselves to try. 5 most followed i am going to mention which i personally liked.



I know you all are familiar with Contouring, we still believe it gives our makeup look life. and its true because it gives dimention and structure to our face. i am a big Kardashian and their contouring techniques which almost became a craze.But this year a new technique was introduced called “non-touring”. where contouring is intense and deep non-touring is soft. its a luminous kind of look to enhance of features. its not matte and dry. its gives or skin a soft attractive glowy bronzy finish. its all about just giving a natural shade to our features and using more highlighter.I am not big fan of non-touring but for some day time looks when i want a no make up makeup look i go with this. mostly people didn’t liked this trend but they still followed because after all this was introduced by Kardashians and jenners.you can see non-touring tutorial HERE on my fav youtuber HUDA BEAUTY’s channel.


matte lips

Matte and velvety lips are something we fall in love with instantly. 2016 is a year of mattes and velvets. the reason is they stick to our lips for a long time(i mean a long day) and gives our lips a beautiful velvety texture that looks so good. many people are not big fan of matte lips because they think it will dry up their lips. But of course you need to invest in some good product and if you like mattes you definitely need to take care of your lips to keep them soft and hydrate. well overall matte lips were hit trend of 2016. and i really love it.



Highlighters and highlighting is something i just can not imagine my makeup without. Highlighters were always in makeup routines but this year highlighter palettes and techniques were every where. Thanks to instagram and you tube we get to know everything 🙂 Highlighting where enhance our feature it also give us a beautiful glow and shine. some MUAs artistic played with highlighting in so mesmrizingly that our jaws were dropped. have a look at this full face using only highlighters by a you tuber Mariya.


then famous you tuber my most fav Nikkie tutorial recreated the look and i was literally dead <3




i don’t know even a single person who don’t like eyeliner. i mean literally eyeliners are soul of any makeup look. this is something you ll find even in a non makeup lover’s drawer. You can play with your liner the way you want. it has no limits.

blue lids

Black liners will never go anywhere but this year blue eye makeup and blue liners were everywhere from NYFW runway to celebrities all over the world. from instagram to youtube and snapchat. And i must say this trend was not fail. It was successful overall. and looked so good.



I don’t know how many people are fan of thick and fuller brows but i really am. i don’t know why they give us an innocent younger look. but only if they are done in moderate and neutral way. over exaggerated brows in no way look natural and attractive. Though the trend of fuller and contoured brows was not newly introduced in 2016 but this year it took over. Some people even made fun of overly exaggerated ones. even celebrities follow this and it look good on almost everyone. lucky are those who have naturally fuller brows like super model Cara delevingne.


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