“Beauty is in the eyes of beholder”

All of us or atleast some of us are quite familiar with this famous quote. All over the world Beauty has been defined in so many ways. Some find it appealing and attracting some find it disturbing and distracting but In my opinion Beauty is being true to yourself, accepting who you are and not trying to fit in something you have to struggle for, or something you can not maintain,something in which you don’t find yourself as comfortable as you are in your real skin.

Being admired is natural human desire and its not bad at all.we are all unique in our own sense. our bodies and our faces are just a mirror that reflects what we have with in.  because some one once said “beauty steals with in”.We have different size,shape,color,religion and traditions and beauty represents the uniqueness of all these things and by accepting this optimistically we glow inside out.

We live in a place where our thoughts have been unintentionally and unfortunately penetrated with a specific criteria  and standard of beauty that if you don’t look beautiful by face or physically you are worthless.A specific mind set can only confuse us. As beauty is the matter of heart we can not restrict it to outer shell.

we know the reality  that its difficult to please everyone but still we won’t stop trying to look beautiful the way “other “want to see us.Looking beautiful is natural human desire we can not deny it any sense. There is no harm in making ourself look beautiful the way we want, no matter by embracing our natural looks or by wearing makeup.

what ever way we choose to look beautiful just don’t forget its all about”FEELING BEAUTIFUL” the only thing we have to keep in mind that our worth can not be measured by how we look. If you feel confident with natural looks go with it confidently because your confidence will make you glow no matter what other say.

And If you love to wear makeup go with it in so powerfully artistic way that no one can take their eyes off and find a moment to be judgmental. Because wearing makeup not in any sense means you are trying to impress anyone or you are not beautiful naturally.Consider it art wear it in most passionate way possible.Look and FEEL beautiful effortlessly. Let them talk because

in the end you gonna live no matter what.

LOVE YOU ALL BEAUTIFULS if someone is out there reading