I am huge fan of “The Body Shop” from the day i have discovered this beautiful brand, and i love its refreshing products and their spa like feel.❤️ I have tried their so many skin products but this time i decided get my hands on their foundation.

This “nude fresh foundation” has been launched earlier this year,but i bought it 2 months back in shade “SAHARA LIGHT 030” though it has wide range of shades.


(this picture only is from google  just to show wide range of shades)

The Body Shop claims about this foundation that it gives naturally fresh looking skin effect with nude glow and up to 24 hour moisturization,plus it has spf15 in it and suitable for sensitive skin..(after reading this i was like) WOOAHH..😍that’s a big claim. This is something we all want in our makeup products specially foundations, because its the first and basic thing we apply on our skin before creating our art. So bear with me if you are interested in knowing more about it.😊




lets start with my favourite part packaging. I don’t know why i instantly got influenced by good packaging, may be because first impression is last impression.Well “The Nude Fresh Foundation” comes in a transparent glass bottle and black pump. I personally love pumps because they are safe,hygienic and save the product from wasting. Though it comes in glass bottle but its not that much  heavy to carry around with you. I didn’t find packaging extraordinary,its a regular packaging but that’s not issue if product fulfills what it claims.😊



TBS foundationIngredients are most important part no matter its a cooking recipe or makeup product. We have complete right to know what we are going to apply on our skin is suitable for us or not.I am always concerned about ingredient of makeup products before i apply them on my skin ,if i don’t know about any ingredient i google it honestly.(so should you) There are so many ingredients in this foundation like all other, but the main ingredients which i found beneficial and attracted me are Glycerin,rosa alba flower extract, aloe vera,rosewater and sp15. Now we all know these ingredients are actually really good for skin. Ros water refreshe our skin and aloe vera has so many magical beauty related properties specially its best or acne.when i first smelled it there was something familiar but i was not sure what it is,but after having a look at ingredients i was sure, it was rose water. I am quite impress with ingredients because i can feel them in foundation.😊



After having a look at the ingredients and description of this foundation i assumed it has runny and watery consistency, but i was wrong its not as runny as i assumed.It has quite creamy texture but not too thick not too runny. its light weight. You can say a BB cream like texture light but creamy. It feels comfortable on skin,blends easily you get even application and pigmentation, but its not full coverage its has sheer coverage. ofcourse you will need a good primer and concealer with this if you have some spots you want to cover. But this foundation is build able i must tell you. If you apply two coats it will give you full coverage without looking cakey.(but only two balanced coats). Its a foundation for daily use and gives you natural finish.This is one coat in picture below.


You can see the coverage is pretty good. Texture is dewy but not greasy its quite matte and gives healthy looking glow. But may be people with very much oily skin won’t like it. otherwise in my opinion its perfect for all skin types. 


Though i bought it with THE BODY SHOP stripling brush but it does not go with this foundation because of its creamy liquid texture. it looks streaky with stripling brush. But with my beauty blender it was perfection.


Regarding the wear of this foundation i heard different views from different people.Honestly the wear time of any foundation to some extent depends on a good primer and good makeup setting spray or powder.We all know these things can extend wear time. So is with this foundation.Because its not full coverage it does not give you wear time of a full coverage foundation. I wore it both with and without primer,setting spray and powder. With Primer and spray it lasted for 8 hours on my face without creasing and patchiness. it stayed on very well, just on my T zone it got little greasy after couple o hours.And without primer and spray it lasted 4 hours without patchiness but my Tzone and chin got little oily after 2 hours,and its not that bad in my opinion. 

so here are some pros and cons below 


+ Light weight

+ Fresh and natural looking

+ Easily blend able and build able medium to light coverage

+ Suitable for sensitive skin

+ Have rose water and aloe vera

+ SPF 15


– not full coverage 

– gets little greasy on T zone after couple of hours

– primer,setting powder and spray are must without these you can not get much of it.

– bottle cap comes off easily its not tight 


Yes i will recommend. Its not too pricey in comparison of other high end brands. i bought it in 35$/3500 Rs. And i am pleased with this foundation because its good for daily use. I LOVE full coverage foundations but we can not wear full coverage foundation on daily basis. But if you love to wear makeup daily and don’t want to look authentic then its a perfect choice. it feels like skin. i loved it.❤️

For creating beautiful art we always need a clean canvas to enhance it, so is with makeup because every makeup person knows that makeup itself is an art and our skin is canvas and Foundation make this canvas more clean. So choose wisely and put your money on something worth buying.😍 

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