• “IF YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL” is my personal blog. I am the only author of this blog,all posts solely written by me.(NOOR KHAN)
  • All reviews on this blog based on my personal experience after testing and trying any product several times. All reviews on this blog are unbiased and honest.
  • One thing i want to mention particularly is that people vary different skin types and tones or may be living in different climate so some products that work for me may not work for others in same way,in that case i won’t be responsible at all.It will be clearly mentioned in review if product is for specific skin type and tone until product claims to be for all skin type.
  •  All the pictures on this blog are taken and owned by me. If any picture is not mine then it would be linked or mentioned for sure. Pictures can not be used for any purpose without my permission otherwise i have right to take action.
  • All reviewed products i have bought my self  with my own money. If a product has been sent to me for reviewing purpose it would be marked with Asterisk(*) in caption and pictures.
  • I don’t accept money just for writing positive reviews about any product and no one can force me to do that as i have all rights to review or not review any product due to any genuine reason.