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If you have read my previous post about fresh nude foundation,i have mentioned i am a massive Body Shop fan.😍 I can’t stop myself from buying their wonderful products. So is with this mask, i wanted to try it so bad because i have heard and read only good reviews about this product. And the name itself is so appealing. The word bouncy was stuck in my mind i was imagining a beautiful skin already.❤️ I bought it 3 weeks back and i am on it like literally religiously.Its on my face every night. So here is my review on this product after testing and trying for 3 weeks.



According to Dr. Terry The Body Shop global skin care expert, this mask is a must have for hydrated,smooth,moisturized and replenished skin and it fights the first signs of aging.. WOW😍 i mean who does not want a smooth silky and soft wrinkle free skin.. i definitely want.


The body shop claims Drops of Youth Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask is a best-selling cream-gel nighttime face mask, which moisturises and rejuvenates your skin overnight. This mask supports the skin cells’ turnover process during sleep using Stem Cell Technology and delivers optimal moisture replenishment with Hyaluronic Acid. 

  • Skin feels replenished 80% (after one night application)
  • Skin feels bouncier 70%       (after one night application)



This mask has some really good and effective ingredients in it, its formulated with Edelweiss stem cells. You should be very careful while purchasing any skin care product. You must read ingredients weather they are suitable for you or not. This mask has water, glycerin and sasme seed oil, and all these thins are suitable for all skin types.



First of all i must say packaging of this product got me.(positively) This mask comes in a  bright white outer box,with a green flower printed on the top and silver label with name of the product printed on it. Inside the box there is a flat dark green glass jar with a small spatula and picture guide about mask application.The jar is very heavy. Its not travel friendly to be honest. But still i loved the packaging just because of glass and the rich green color gives it a expensive luxurious look.But still it should be portable for traveling specially.14958333_1125764504143807_1556768110_n

When i opened the jar to have look at the texture, i thought its like any regular cream texture. But i was wrong, when i poked my finger in the white paste(which is very bad hygienically and i was not suppose to do that) it was not as creamy as i thought, it has smooth custard like texture. Don’t mind my description. And it has floral scent in it like all other body shop products have.


It looks like solid but when you move the jar, the mask moves too but it sets itslef smoothly and we see no mess but a clean surface. That is why its called bouncy because it actually. It feels creamy,slippery and tacky on skin. When i applied this on my face it was wet and sticky just for a couple of minutes.


This mask is made to apply at night, because it works better during sleep, So we wake up to fresh looking healthy hydrated skin. It comes with a “massage technique”picture guide printed inside the box.



It has the spatula so you don’t touch the mask with fingers to keep its germs free.The best thing about this mask is we just need little amount of it like size of a pea and it goes long way.This mask will literally last for years. You just need to to follow the massage guide when applying the mask and massage until its completely absorbed in skin.


When i applied the mask first time after washing my face,it felt little greasy and tacky, but after massaging for couple of minutes it was dry. Next morning i didn’t noticed any major change but my skin felt soft and hydrated. It was just little bit oily on my t zone because i have combination skin. Now after using this for 3 weeks i can feel and see huge difference in my skin. It looks really healthy,more hydrated,fresh and bouncy.My skin is comfortable with this mask now. I must tell you this is one good skin care product for Winters.👌🏻People who have dull and dry skin will love it.And i am in love with this mask.❤️

PRICE: 30$ (3200 Rs)


  • Good for all skin types specially for people with dry,dull and dehydrated skin
  • Good for lazy people like me who don’t like to cleanse their face every night but still want perfect skin..😊
  • Best for winters
  • Makes skin look fresh and young


  • Heavy glass jar which is not easy to carry for traveling
  • slight greasy feeling
  • jasmine scent which i personally don’t like


yes i ll recommend without any doubt. This gives actual results. My skin looks really fresh.Even my foundation blends more easily and smoothly on my skin. Its worth buying if you are searching for a good skin care products this winter. GO FOR IT.

                                                           WITH LOVE❤️


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