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There has been huge hype around this MAKEUP RAVOLUTION  palette  FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE since its launched. This palette caught my attention instantly because of its collaboration with Jane Cunningham known as BRITISH BEAUTY BLOGGER. I have been following her blogs so long and i like her.She decided to collaborate with Makeup Revolution because they are affordable. and i agree with her. Makeup revolution is one of my favourite drug store brand and it never disappoint.


First thing first,Packaging of this palette is different from other Makeup Revolution palettes. They usually comes in black but this one is in matte dull kind of golden color which looks so pretty, expensive and luxerious. Its looks like metal box but its actually very good  quality plastic.The box it comes in is also of same matte gold color.


This beautiful palette houses 30 eye shadows with a simple brush(which is honestly of no use) and generous sized mirror. Shadow pans are very small,but that’s not a problem if quality is good and in 10$ we can’t complain.Shadows have verity of finishes from matte to glimmer and sheen and 5 of them are baked. Jane wanted to create something for all age women with different skin tones and i am so pleased to see results. Names of the shadows are printed on a separate transparent plastic sheet not under or above the shadow pans like other palettes usually have.


(this picture only is from google as i have lost the name sheet of my palette)

Quality and Pigmentation:

All shadows are of good quality. Talking about pigmentation i am not happy with some shades but most of them are highly pigmented  and beautiful. Some mattes are hardly visible and little bit chalky like creme,soft,peachy,on the other hand all the shimmer shadows are so beautiful and highly pigmented specially super gold,sunset,yesplease,new world,fortune. Though its designed for lighter to deep skin tones but still some colors are not visible on both skin tones even after several applications. but most of them specially the shimmer and baked shadows are so pretty and buildable.





as i said before quality is good and so is the feel of colors on skin, texture is smooth and satin like.Some colors don’t blend easily and looks patchy. But if you like the color you can try with little damped brush,it will pick more color and application will be much better. I would recommend to use a good primer as base for best results.


On my primed eyes they lasted for more than 6 hours without spreading and any patchiness and that’s really amazing. But if i compare them with some expensive eye shadow palettes then it lasts  just little less. These are WATER PROOF and good for sensitive skins. they cause no irritation or any problem. They are good for all skin types. Specially people who like glossy finish they will love it.




  1. Drama queen
  2. New world (you can use as highlighter also)
  3. Golden coins
  4. Fortune
  5. Sunset hour
  6. Lonely planet
  7. Sky light
  8. Favour



1.Price 10$

2.Very afforadable

3.Very Good quality and beautiful packaging

4.Smooth soft and glossy finish

5.For all skin tones and types

6.Works with both wet and dry brush

7. Lasts more than 6 hours without touch up

8. water proof

9. Best colors for fall and winters

10. Generous sized mirror


1.some dark and light matte colors are patchy and chalky but work with wet brush

2. PRIMER is a must

3. Brush is useless and too small

4. some dark colors are not buildable and little patchy

overall its a good palette in no money. Worth buying. i will totally recommend buying if you want dupes for some expensive brands and don’t want to spend too much money then its a to o for.If you are not good with blending and playing with shades then you ll love it. simply just apply and look beautiful. as these are colors you cant play much with them for creative looks. But it very practical and easy to go palette.




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